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SA Spa Association restructures, offers free membership

Image by Social Butterfly from Pixabay

The South African Spa Association is offering free membership to the spa industry, including representation in all related aspects, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.

Free membership benefits include the Spa Association logo and digital certificate. This means that all Spa Association members receive, and are allowed to use, the logo and certificate during active membership status on their website, as well as in collateral marketing material, promotions and client communication. Each spa is site inspected to make sure it conforms to the code of conduct and must pass the Site Inspection.

Another benefit of the free membership is a free listing on the SA Spa Association Website, including the name of spa, category, area, website (not linked) and telephone number.

The Spa Association also offers paid membership benefits.

For more information on membership, membership categories, sponsorships or how your spa can participate in this industry initiative, please contact the South African Spa Association on 083 267 2773 or e-mail: info@saspaassociation.co.za. (Source: Beauty Warriors SA)

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