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SA skincare brand partners with Cleanhub to go plastic neutral

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

South African certified organic skincare brand, Esse, is partnering with Cleanhub to collect plastic waste in developing countries before it can reach the ocean.

Says the Esse team: “Every living thing depends on the ocean. Covering more than 70% if the planet’s surface, it affects our climate and food systems. Yet, millions of tons of plastic end up in our ocean every year and with deeply damaging results to marine ecosystems. Today, 91% of global plastic does not get recycled. Single-use plastics such as plastic bags, candy wrappers, water bottles and food containers end up in water courses destined for the ocean.

“Esse is carbon neutral already and has now stepped up to help protect the ocean by going plastic neutral. We calculate our plastic usage to ensure that an equivalent amount is collected and recycled. This also empowers local communities in developing countries to set up collection businesses.”

Cleanhub, a software company dedicated to track the impact of plastic waste management projects, has a growing network of collection partners in India and Indonesia. From door-to-door collection by women self-help groups, to surf camps who clean up their beaches, to high-tech interventions in some of the dirtiest rivers in the world – all of them contribute to the shared goal of a plastic-free environment. With the help of a digital platform, collectors access a network of treatment and recycling companies. At the moment, Cleanhub has the capacity to treat 15 million tonnes of plastic waste from more than 70 countries.

“Esse is committed to protecting our ocean – with every product that we sell,” says the Esse team.

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