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Rudo App – A beautician at your doorstep

Applications on mobile phones have fundamentally changed every aspect of our lives. Mobile apps have not only offered games and social media capabilities but have gone beyond to give us a way to work and live conveniently.

Introducing a new player in the market, the Rudo App is an online platform that connects clients to beauty service providers in their designated areas, to style them at their ease. The app creates real business opportunities for beauty service providers, it is an enabler for beauty care freelancers, students majoring in hair and beauty courses as well as traditional salons, to reach, gain and retain clients.

Rudo saves time and solves problems for pre and post maternity mothers who cannot go to the salon, the elderly, housewives as well as tourists who are often not familiar with the areas that they visit. The new app is convenient and gives everyone the ability to access beauty services from your doorstep. Whether you are looking for beauty services for yourself or a hair stylist for your child, you can now easily do it on-demand or schedule an appointment ahead of time using Rudo.

With this app, you can request a beautician who focusses on you and only you, without distractions, in your own comfortable space and time. The App was launched in Johannesburg and Pretoria in2019 but is now available nationwide in South Africa.

The idea to design the Rudo app, by Meranda Nyandane, a University of Free State graduate came after she was arm robbed in a salon in Johannesburg. While nursing her trauma, she decided to create something to help women and children like her, who make use of beauty services on a regular basis.

‘I needed a way to get a hairstylist or nail tech at my doorstep without the fear of something going wrong or the hassle of calling a couple of friends before getting a good referral and that’s how Rudo was born’ Nyandane said.

Rudo aims to change the lives of both the client and service provider by utilizing technology to better the beauty industry. ‘We see ourselves improving, expanding internationally and our features being more advanced and penetrating other personal care ventures to become one of the billion-dollar apps that make history’ she concluded.

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