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Red lips most hash-tagged make-up look on Instagram

Professional Beauty UK reports that the most hashtagged make-up look on social media platform, Instagram, is red lips, with 15,460,696 tags.

This clearly shows that the classic red lip is as popular as ever. The second most hashtagged make-up look on Instagram is lash extensions, with 9,440,390, according to Instagram statistics as of September 30, 2019, analysed by fashion brand, Miss G Couture.

Next most hashtagged make-up look is contouring (7,537,999 tags), followed by mink lashes (5,850,767 tags), and in fifth spot is glowing skin (3,639,956).

In terms of categories, #lashes is the most popular on Instagram with 29,850,496 searches in total, broken down between lash extensions (9,440,390), mink lashes (5,850,767), volume lashes (4,668,322), lashes on fleek (3,176,464) and Russian volume (1,721,555).

#Lipstick is the second strongest make-up category with 28,963,714 searches in total, broken down between red lips (15,460,696), nude lip (677,313), lip art (483,814), matte lips (420,048) and glossy lips (327,447).

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