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Recipients of 2021 World Wellness aWWWards announced

World Wellness Weekend (WWW) is honoring the professionals and corporations that went above and beyond in 2021 to grow awareness around the UN’s 3rd Sustainable Development Goal – ‘Good Health and Wellbeing for All’.

Since 2017, the non-profit WWW has inspired and empowered millions of avid wellness enthusiasts and ‘weekenders’ around the world to be more active more often with family, friends, colleagues and ‘wellness buddies’, following the 5 Pillars of Wellness: Sleep & Creativity; Nutrition & Immunity; Movement & Vitality; Mindfulness & Serenity; and Sense of Purpose & Solidarity.

In 2021, WWW was celebrated in 133 countries by 2,300 venues thanks to the support of 100+ Ambassadors and Coordinators, volunteering their time and passion with local businesses, associations, under privileged communities and local officials. Thousands of in-person activities and workshops were organised in accordance with local health regulations, and 52 hours of wellness videos were produced to encourage those at home to also be active.

Says WWW founder, Jean-Guy de Gabriac: “The World Wellness aWWWards honour people and businesses that truly make a difference, standing as beacons of hope, making wellness enthusiasm safely contagious for all stakeholders. We are humbled by their relentless efforts to make wellness accessible to all, as they inspire people to become influencers among their friends, family, colleagues and ‘wellness buddies’ as agents of positive transformation.”

Here is the list of the World Wellness aWWWard 2021 recipients who excelled during last year’s WWW event, which took place in September.


  • Brasil – Most Active Country in the World (597 Venues)

  • Route Des Villes D’eaux (Auvergne – France) – Most Active Region in the World (12 thermal towns mobilised with 59 activities)

  • Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) – Most Active City in the World (120 activities)

  • Niederbronn-Les-Bains (Alsace, France) – Most Active City in Europe (43 activities)

  • Val Di Fiemme (Trentino, Italy) – Most Active Valley in the World (30 activities)


  • Jiva Spas (India) – Most Active Hotel Spa Brand in the World (all 51 spas were active)

  • Satsanga Spa & Wellness Vila Galé Hotels (Portugal) – Most Active Hotel Spa Brand - Europe (all 22 spas were active)

  • Sharjah Ladies Club – Most Active Club in the UAE (all 10 branches were active)

  • Aqua Sana Spas – Most Active Spa Brand in the UK & Ireland (all 6 spas were active)

  • Brick Bodies (USA) – Most Active Fitness Club (all 3 locations offered 25 free classes)

  • Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort (Dominican Republic) – Most Active Resort in the World (13 super original activities)

  • Biologique Recherche (France) – Wellness Champion: Skin Care & Self Care

  • Immunocologie (USA) – Wellness Champion: Skin Care & Self Care

  • Lemi (Italy) – Wellness Champion: Equipment For Hospitality, Spas & Medical

  • Mindbody (USA) – Wellness Champion: Lifestyle Brand


(alphabetical order)

11 in LATIN AMERICA, 10 in EUROPE, 2 in ASIA, 2 in CANADA, 2 in INDIA

  • Flavio Acuna: Ambassador Dominican Republic

  • Rekha Chaudhari: Ambassador India

  • Simone Ciolli: Ambassador Emilia Romana (Italy)

  • Ana Coelho: Ambassador Portugal

  • Phiane Duquet: Ambassadrice Quebec (Canada)

  • Eduardo Finci: Ambassador Emeritus Latin America

  • Cinzia Galletto: Ambassador Piemonte & Liguria (Italy)

  • Gabriela Gergic: Ambassador Argentina

  • Jessica Herredia: Ambassador Chile

  • Ana Ledinski: Ambassador Croatia

  • Hylton Lipkin: Ambassador Hue Province (Vietnam)

  • Francisco Lugo: Social Media Ambassador (Latin America)

  • Professor Vladimir Mozetic: Ambassador Primorje-Gorski Kotar & Istra (Croatia)

  • Cristina Muquinche: Ambassador Ecuador

  • Andrea Pambianchi: Ambassador of Fitness (Italy)

  • Rosemary Ramos: Ambassador Jequitinhonha Valle (Brasil)

  • Dianna Ruas: Ambassador Brasil

  • Antonio Carlos Aranha Ruas: Ambassador Triple Border (Brasil)

  • Maria Alejandra Rumbos: Ambassador Isla De Margarita (Venezuela)

  • Milagros Serrano: Ambassador Peru

  • Reena Sheth: Ambassador for Jiva Spas (India)

  • Vânia Sousa: Coordinator Portugal

  • Katja Tremblay-Prpic: Ambassadrice Laurentides (Canada)

  • Riccardo Turri: Wesllness Visionary - Val Di Fiemme (Italy)

  • Julie Wren: Ambassador Belgium

  • Nyoman Yastama: Coordinator - Hue Province (Vietnam)

  • Kristijan Zulle: Ambassador Croatia

WWW 2022 will take place on 16, 17 and 18 September.

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