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Radiant Healthcare marks 18 years in industry

A leading supplier of medical aesthetic devices and technologies to the South African industry, Johannesburg-based Radiant Healthcare recently celebrated its 18th anniversary.

Says founder and owner Jacques Pretorius: “All these years of achieving ‘visibly different’ results in the medical and aesthetic markets can only be credited to our staff and great team work, as well as embracing a true service orientated attitude. And of course, our valued long standing clients who have trusted and committed their business decisions to us. I thank you all.”

Pretorius notes that the past 18 years have seen the company grow in all aspects – new brands, bigger offices, increased staff and expanding business opportunities.

“The aesthetics market has certainly changed over the years – it has literally become bigger and bigger every year. This is despite the Covid-19 pandemic – the industry has boomed with more aesthetics clinics opening everywhere. It has certainly become a high demand field,” he comments.

Recent exciting developments have seen Radiant Healthcare become the sole distributors of Endymed in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

“This is the first radiofrequency device on the market that provides ‘3deep technology’,” concludes Pretorius.

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