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Rëzo in Africa by NaturallyE

Sponsored story: NaturallyE is a South African company founded in 2021 and owned by Nieshell Watson. Her niece Tessa later joined her on this powerful journey.

The E stands for Ester, Mrs Watson's grandmother, the woman she looked up to. Ester was a strong black woman who believed in growing her vegetables and in natural beauty. It is only fitting that this brand is part of the first line of products that will be part of this expanding organization.

Curly hair was considered unprofessional and messy, but the Rëzo brand will break the boundaries and do the opposite, as this all-natural product will bring color and shine back to the hair of natural women. Natural-haired women will no longer fear their hair texture but instead embrace it. The Rëzo brand will help them achieve this goal.

The Rëzo brand was founded in 2018 by New York-based master stylist, educator, and world-renowned curl expert, Nubia Suarez. Rëzo is a comprehensive hair care brand designed to empower the curl-loving community by celebrating textured hair and promoting healthy hair habits. In Spanish, the word "rizo" means "curl" and the word "Rëzo" means "I pray." Rëzo's mission is to encourage women and men to embrace their natural curls, which represent identity and self-confidence, by providing the community with the tools needed to care for and promote them through expert knowledge and product expertise.

Currently, there are six Rëzo brand products, namely Curl Control Shampoo and Conditioner, Curl Define Gel, an Anti-Friz Towel, and a Silicone Diffuser that fits all blow dryers. Rëzo's four-step process of shampoo, conditioner, gel, and serum uses a plant-based, silicone-free ingredient that promotes healthy hair and hair growth.

Scientific experiments show that the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, determines how well you retain color and moisture. Curly hair can have either high or low porosity, regardless of its texture. If your regimen has left your curly locks dull and tangled, try treating your locks with a protein treatment to trap dirt, debris, and dead cells before they penetrate the hair strands, preventing color fade and dryness.

Curls need to be nourished. This means using a moisturizing conditioner, applying it to your curls from the inside out, and being careful not to over-comb your hair. Cutting curly hair should not be much of a hassle, and thanks to the innovative Rëzo Cut, you will not have to worry about your curls moving around for days. The technique collapses the curly roots and straightens them on its own. This will give you remarkable volume and bounce in no time.

With the increasing use of AI, machines are getting smarter. Rëzo Lites is a variation of the Rëzo Cut method and emphasizes color by diffusion. Rëzo is a new haircare line with products that are silicone and sulfate-free, vegan, and enriched with plant-based ingredients.

The newest hair academy in LA has opened to teach stylists with curly hair. The Rëzo Academy in Los Angeles was created to teach professionals Nubia Rëzo's new technique for curly hair. Whether it is curly hair or any other hair type, there can be problems and complications. Nubia Rëzo has developed a simple solution to these problems, making it easier to manage not only curly hair but also all other hair types.

The founder of Rëzo Hair Care, Nubia Rëzo, built her company by understanding, educating, and caring for all types of curls. Rëzo Haircare has become a one-stop-shop for holistic care.

The above story was sponsored by NaturallyE / Rëzo Haircare.

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