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Professional Beauty Virtual Seminars

Following on from the success of the webinars comprising Professional Beauty’s Virtual Seminar Programme of two weeks ago, more live webinars will be available to industry professionals on 29 and 30 April.

Staff, Management, UIF claims etc. will be covered by Gellie Nienaber of GN Total HR Solutions. Nienaber is a professional human resources manager who advises many South African businesses, both large and small. He will be addressing concerns such as UIF, TERS applications, laying off staff, retrenchment and much more.

Lauren Gibson will address the all-important topic of sustainability post COVID-19. She will reveal how sustainability can save you money, as well as help the planet. Post lockdown, we all need to save where we can. Gibson has over 15 years’ experience in the professional skincare industry and has completed her PG Diploma in Management Practice with UCT GSB.

Dr Kateryna Tsvyetkova, director of Lilian Terry, will present a session called Homeopathy in the Home. This will include the history of homeopathy; the laws and principles of homeopathy; the pathogenesis of homeopathic remedies; and safety of homeopathy in home use.

She will also present a session on the diaphragmatic breathing technique, revealing the theory behind this method of breathing, as well as the correct technique of inhaling and exhaling. Dr Tsvyetkova will cover how to use this technique in respiratory viral infections.

For details of Professional Beauty’s Virtual Seminar Programme click here

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