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Professional Beauty’s 1st physical event since pandemic, sold out

Held on 12 April at Johannesburg’s Bryanston Country Club, the Aesthetic Medicine Conference & Exhibition was the first physical event to be hosted by Professional Beauty since March 2020.

Says Professional Beauty commercial director, Phil Woods: “Says Professional Beauty commercial director, Phil Woods: “We were absolutely delighted to finally be able to host a physical event and many delegates commented how nice it was to be able to attend an actual, non-virtual event, especially in such picturesque surroundings. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Professional Beauty has not been able to host a physical event for over a year, so it’s great to be back.

“The Aesthetic Medicine Conference & Exhibition attracted a good number of delegates, all in accordance with social distancing regulations. Our conference coordinator, Karen Ellithorne, convened a number of top speakers and the main theme was collagen production and skin rejuvenation.”

Motivational speaker, Paul Du Toit, added interesting dynamic to the event by talking on how to shift your mindset, something that is really needed in these challenging times. Du Toit stressed that it is often a simple decision that will lead to a change in mindset, resulting in a shift in our lives.

“Once a brain accepts an idea, we no longer question it and in our minds, that idea is now a fact,” explained Du Toit. “That’s the basis for a belief and the start of entrenchment. Mindsets become problematic when they limit our desire to try something different.

“The foundation for any change is perseverance – you need to be persistent and you need to make the effort to make the change. A mindset shift requires a decision to change long held beliefs.”

Clinical dietician, Tabitha Hume, gave a fascinating presentation on how the foods we eat affect skin ageing. She spoke about how certain foods, such as cured and braaied foods, can cause oxidative stress on the skin. Some foods, such as animal proteins, can induce an inflammatory effect on the skin. Hume also focused on the effects of insulin resistance on the skin and body.

Andrew Best presented on the skin rejuvenating and skin tightening effects of light- and energy-based devices, such as lasers, radiofrequency, LED, infrared and ultrasound.

Trevor Steyn spoke about the skin microbiome and the use of live probiotics in skincare and facial treatments, while Dr Anastasia Botha demonstrated the use of dermal fillers for plumping up the skin and improving the appearance of wrinkles. Adele Kruger and Joanne Staniforth each spoke about new skin rejuvenation technologies.

Practice owner and manager, Lourette du Toit, presented on the intricacies of running an aesthetics clinic, and the sensitivity required when dealing with both clients and staff.

Dr Judey Pretorius focused on the best ingredients for stimulating collagen production in the epidermis.

A number of exhibitors had table top stands at the Aesthetic Medicine Conference. They were: Best Lasers; Radiant Healthcare; The Hitech Group; BTL Medical SA; SunSkin; H2glow; SIX Aesthetiix; CosmoProf; and Medi Aesthetic Solutions.

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