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Professional Beauty event designed to help you grow your business

Managing your business, marketing your salon and managing your premises are the three conference streams that will run at the Professional Beauty Conference and Buyers Forum on 25 October 2021, at the Bryanston Country Club in Johannesburg.

Part of the event comprises a mini-expo, with table top exhibits of the latest wares from top suppliers in the beauty and nails sector.

Says Phil Woods, commercial director of Professional Beauty: “There will be three different rooms that will host the various topics within each conference stream. We are coordinating a mix of individuals and panel discussions.

“On arrival at the event, delegates will be split into three groups and rotate between the three rooms to ensure that they can attend all the talks over the course of the day. Each session will last approximately an hour and a half. The delegates will break for tea and coffee, as well as lunch. The following topics will be covered in the Managing Your Business conference stream:

· Sales and retailing Always a challenge, another look at ways to improve this essential income stream

· Should you take a deposit on booking? A difficult decision, two salon owners debate the pros and cons

· Staff training – why you need to do this A look at how to get the best, most cost-effective upskilling for your team.

In the Marketing Your Salon conference stream, speakers will discuss the following:

· How to win back clients

As the lockdown continues, many clients have been lured away from your business by your ex-employees and who are doing treatments at home. How can you win them back and prevent this from happening again?

· Client loyalty Is sending a birthday message enough to ensure client loyalty? Maybe there is more you can do

· Marketing tips, how effective is social media? Everyone believes a social media presence is essential to marketing your business, but how effective is it and are there other ways you should also be using to promote your business?

The third conference stream is themed, Managing Your Premises, and will include the below topics:

· Spruce up the salon on a budget Since before the pandemic, money has been tight in South Africa, but don’t neglect the maintenance of your salon. There are many ways to improve the look of your premises, from a lick of paint to adding plants and pictures

· Make your salon as energy efficient as possible Make sure that you are not paying more than you should in running your salon. LED lights, timers for geysers, so many ways to save a little money and make your business more sustainable

· Location, location, location Rent/ buy/ home-based/ mobile. There are several choices on where to run your business and there are so many factors that come into play in choosing the right one to suit your aims and ambitions.

Says Woods: “Apart from the fact that delegates will be able to derive a host of valuable information and tips for running their business, the Professional Beauty Conference and Buyers Forum will allow them to see some of the latest products and technologies in the market. In addition, it will offer a much-needed opportunity for delegates to get out and about and interact with their peers, something that has not been really possible during the pandemic and extended lockdown.

“I just wish to emphasise that all COVID-19 social distancing and safety protocols will be enforced at the event, as safety of delegates and exhibitors remains our number one priority. We look forward to welcoming the industry to the event.”

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