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Preparations underway for World Wellness Weekend

Some 130 World Wellness Weekend (WWW) Ambassadors and Coordinators around the globe are preparing for this year’s event, which runs from 16 to 18 September.

With a theme of ‘Living Well Together’, this 6th annual edition of WWW is expected to take place in over 4,000 participating venues, in 140 countries. These will be geolocated on the World Wellness Map (www.wellmap.org) for millions of people to find fun, free, inclusive group wellness activities, classes or workshops.

WWW founder, Jean-Guy de Gabriac, points out that in alignment with the United Nations since 2017, WWW is supporting the SDG 3 (Sustainable Development Goal 3), namely ‘Global Health & Well-being For All’ through 5 Pillars of Wellness: Sleep & Creativity, Nutrition & Immunity, Movement & Vitality, Mindfulness & Serenity, and Sense of Purpose & Solidarity.

Says De Gabriac: “We are a year-round movement and a vibrant network of professionals motivated by making a difference in fitness, mindfulness, well-being, beauty, hospitality and tourism. WWW shares international best practices to elevate the guest experience and drive more clients into spas, clubs and hotels with meaningful activities to enhance healthy lifestyles.”

Professionals and venues sign up for free on www.wellmap.org and schedule free group classes from September 16 to 18 at their facility or in local parks and recreational areas. There’s a one-class minimum, and venues offering three free classes or more will receive a ‘2022 Wellness Champion’ badge.

The public also connects on www.wellmap.org (18 languages) to search a city or click directly on their favorite type of activity. They instantly locate venues nearby, read the description of activities, and are advised to book in advance (in case of limited free seating). Activities include yoga classes, fitness sessions, guided relaxation and meditations promoting inner peace and world peace, cancer aware webinars by Wellness For Cancer supported by Immunocologie, activities in hot springs, traditional heat ceremonies in saunas, tree planting in Brazil and Vietnam, and even dance classes to experience the joy of being well. There will be ‘Tap & Clap’ sessions broadcast throughout Quebec with the support of the biggest association of seniors in Quebec (550,000 members), and a basketball game in wheelchairs in Punta Cana.

For more information visit https://world-wellness-weekend.org/

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