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Plastica Dos Fios - The Professional’s Only Choice (Sponsored Content)

11 March 2019

Does your client want the immediate effects of plastic surgery using only nature’s gentlest ingredients? Then Plastica Dos Fios is the only treatment for their demanding hair care needs.

As part of the BR Beauty Group – Owners of CADIVEU Professional and Brasil Cacau brands, we developed Plastica Dos Fios in 2007 to specifically answer the market’s need for a convenient, lasting solution to natural smoothing treatments. By replacing amino acids in the hair strands, this revolutionary range results in hair which is smoother, sleeker and stronger – for longer!

What’s their Secret?

Açaí - a powerful antioxidant, combined with amino acids, resulting in hair which is beautifully restored, with a brilliant high shine finish and long lasting effects, ensuring a look of professional confidence. Plastica Dos Fios is a professional-only product with an amazing range of aftercare solutions that have been designed specifically to suit Plastica Dos Fios’ treated hair.

Perfectly suited to all South African Hair Types

Ethic, Caucasian, frizzy, curly or just tough to manage hair types, are no problem. This versatile product can be used with or without other chemical hair treatments and is compatible with other products.

Effectivity through a Unique Advanced Process

Through an advanced Thermo-Active Reconstructive Process, Plastica dos Fios ensures healthy, straight, shiny and frizz-free hair with the exclusive ‘Easy Straight Method’ for up to 3 months.

Trusted ingredients that work.

ACAI to reconstruct Brazilian fruit with powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals effectively assist with the reconstruction of the Keratin in the hair. ARGININE TO STRENGTHEN Essential Amino Acid which prevents hair loss and breakage increases density and strength as well as promotes the growth of natural new hair. ACETIC ACID to protect Organic compound with acid pH, that keeps the cuticle of the hair closed which assist in protecting the hair during the treatment.

Works Effortlessly in a Convenient 3 Step Process:

Step 1: Prepare

Reconstruct – With The Anti Residue Shampoo

P.H 9.0 Deep cleans and opens the cuticle, preparing the hair for the Thermal Hair Reconstruction treatment.

Step 2: Restore

Thermal Hair Reconstruction With The Anti - Frizz Active

P.H 2.8 Intensely restores the hair with an absolute straight effect. The results are healthy, shiny, soft and frizz-free hair.

Step 3: Protect

Seal And Hydrate With The Balancing Repair Mask

P.H 4.5 Provides deep hydration and seals the treatment. It balances the hair to the

perfect PH

Advantages of using Plastica Dos Fios

Conveniently wash and style hair on the same day

Unscented formula ensures the comfort of both the client and salon professional

Suitable for use before or after any other chemical process

Exclusive application method leaves hair- ends looking naturally healthy

Quick, easy and convenient application

Minimal fume emission - A minimal amount of anti-frizz active needs to be used in our treatment. Our cool- drying method before flat ironing, minimizes fumes

Ensures a look that lasts up to 3 months if prescribed instructions are followed.

Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

Formaldehyde-free, the active straightening ingredient used is Ethic Acid.

Improve your hair... Improve your life!

For more Information on Plastica Dos Fios for your business contact

Lesego Ramohlola



Andrew Boberg


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