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Plant-based eating to trend this year

Professional Beauty UK reports that holistic training, boutique fitness and plant-based eating are among the wellness trends set to take 2020 by storm, according to research conducted by fitness and wellbeing booking app, MindBody.

In terms of the plant-based eating trend, the MindBody study notes that Google’s data reflects that search interest for plant-based diets increased by 465% between September and November 2019. This was due to the popularity of Netflix’s film, The Game Changers, which is about plant-based eating.

MindBody predicts that boutique studios that specialise in a particular type of fitness, such as yoga, functional training or high-intensity interval training, will grow in popularity outside of London.

A holistic approach to fitness training – i.e. physical, mental and emotional health – is also predicted to take centre stage, with more facilities launching that are dedicated to transform overall wellbeing. Home-based workouts are set to soar, while gyms are likely to embrace technology to increase their fitness footprint beyond the physical environment.

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