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Pivot your business during a time of crisis

The full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown on South African salons and spas is estimated to last between 12 to 18 months.

So said Marisa Dimitriadis of The Spa Consultants during the Professional Beauty live webinar, which took place on 30 April. Other panelists included Dermalogica SA chairperson Cherie Ten Hope, legal consultant Bronwyn Young, Twincare International CEO Stave Dimitriadis, and Professional Beauty’s commercial director, Phil Woods.

“There will be continuous up and down disruptions in the way we work over the next two years and this will result in new consumer habits,” continued Marisa Dimitriadis. “However, remember this at a time when we are all feeling frustrated – champion traits are built during times of struggle. Ask yourself – how can I fight this and how can I move forward?

“Make a conscious choice to fight for your business. Put your war suit on and get ready for battle. Use any bit of knowledge and resource possible. I want to reference a report by the Board of Innovation company, which advises setting up a new economic growth plan – how do I grow my salon or spa business in a low touch economy? And, ask yourself, how can I pivot my portfolio? Develop an opportunity pipeline and look at new customer habits.”

She noted that the word pivot means a change in strategy without a change in vision. “You are going to the same place, but making a change in your business direction course. The Board of Innovation company report says: ‘Embrace failure – learn, pivot and go after your goals with a new perspective. This means understanding the new economy and the new growth opportunities it brings. Develop strategies to outperform competitors.

“So, start your training and planning for ‘the new abnormal’ as we will have to do treatments in an abnormal way from now on. Don’t wait for lockdown to end – start planning now. Keep in constant touch with staff and clients.”

Dimitriadis suggested that beauty, nail and hair salons, as well as spas, conduct a safety survey with their customers to ascertain their fears and anxieties as a way of coming up with post COVID-19 hygiene protocols.

To view the Professional Beauty webinar click here.

(Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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