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pHformula to walk Camino 2021 for MND awareness

The pHformula team at the Cathedral at Santiago De Compostela

Professional skincare brand, pHformula, has committed to walking Phase 2 of the Camino De Santiago in Spain in 2021 to raise awareness for Motor Neuron Disease (MND), having completed Phase 1 this June.

The MND awareness campaign was initiated by the South African-born founder of pHformula, Petru van Zyl, whose own father passed away from the disease.

Says Van Zyl: “For a thousand years, the Camino de Santiago (or the ‘Way of St. James’) has brought pilgrims from all corners of Europe across the north of Spain to Santiago De Compostela. They come to pay homage to the Apostle St James at his final resting place in the city’s beautiful Cathedral.

“This year, the pHformula team, which comprised participants from Denmark, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine, set out to walk the 1st phase of the Camino, commencing 16 June. Even though our mission was to create awareness for MND, the pilgrimage also proved to be a personal journey for each and every one who walked with us. We spent six unforgettable days walking through magnificent countryside, passing through numerous small villages and historic sites, sharing our story about MND/ALS to the pilgrims we met along the way.

“I extend my heartfelt and sincere gratitude to everyone who walked the Caminno with pHformula. In addition, I must express an immense appreciation to Fundela in Spain, who made MND/ALS research their life mission. We are so grateful that we could contribute and create awareness. Thank you to everyone for your support and love – you all are my inspiration!

“To my father, who gave me the biggest gift of all – ‘to believe in myself’. In June 2021, we will be walking the 2nd phase of the Camino. Dates and route to be confirmed. Let’s keep the hope alive for a cure for MND/ALS so that everyone can experience this amazing journey of life.”

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