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Pandemic sees organic and natural beauty sales grow by 13%

Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

Sales of certified organic and natural products have increased for the 10th consecutive year, with The Soil Association’s new Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Report recording a 13% growth in sales of these products.

Half of the consumers surveyed said the COVID-19 pandemic made them more likely to buy organic beauty and wellbeing products. The report also found that one in six consumers now buy organic and natural products, and 28% of those are aged 16–24, the largest age group buying into the market. Meanwhile, only 9% of those aged 50-plus are buying organic beauty and wellbeing products.

It is evident that the shift to organic and sustainable beauty has been accelerated by online shopping, according to the report, with 28% of consumers saying the move to online shopping made them want to buy organic products.

Half of consumers want to buy beauty and wellbeing products that are better for the environment, with 41% stating that waste packaging is the number-one reason beauty products are bad for the planet.

Meanwhile, 45% agree that organic beauty products are better for the environment, and 56% think beauty brands should do more to reduce their impact on the planet. (Source: Professional Beauty UK)

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