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Overwhelming majority of women prioritise skincare over body care

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Some 76% of women place more importance on their facial skincare regime than their body care routine, with 29% admitting to not knowing how to look after their skin from the chin down, according to a study conducted in the UK by women’s razor brand, Venus.

The study, conducted by OnePoll with 2,000 women, reveals that more than a fifth (17%) of the women polled spend more than 30 minutes per week on their facial skincare routine, compared to 41%, who said that they spend less than five minutes looking after their legs.

In terms of purchasing, more than a quarter (28%) spend at least £20 per month on beauty products for their face, compared to just 7% who would spend the same amount on skincare for their legs. Fifty-two-percent would be more likely to buy a new facial moisturiser than a fresh razor.

“I see first-hand just how often people disregard the skin on their bodies and routinely forget to nourish the skin from the chin downwards,” said Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe, Venus ambassador and cosmetic and medical doctor.

“While most of us will think nothing of spending most of our time and money on our facial skin; our bodily skincare routine rarely extends beyond some hastily applied body cream and a cursory shave in the shower.” (Source: Professional Beauty UK)

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