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New wellness app aims to empower women

Aurelia Nxumalo, Samantha Katz and Palesa Kwitshana

The Bliss Wellness App was officially launched on 22 October in Johannesburg, by founder Aurelia Nxumalo.

Services offered on the Bliss booking app are massage, exercise, waxing, spraytanning, nails, facials, make-up and hair. There is also a concierge option, where clients’ shopping etc can be delivered to them. Thus far Bliss has rolled out in Gauteng, Western Cape and Durban.

Nxumalo, who is a legal professional and social entrepreneur with a large Instagram following, has a silent partner in the Bliss business.

Said Nxumalo: “The fact that Bliss is a 100% female-owned company demonstrates that we are all about the empowerment of women. Not only do we provide a platform for women to access beauty or hair services in a location of their own choosing, but we also empower beauty and hair professionals who are looking to supplement their existing incomes by performing Bliss mobile services. We already have 200 therapists who have registered with us and hope to reach 1,000 by the end of the year. Many of the therapists who have registered already work in salons but are wanting to work in their spare time.

“As the developers of Bliss, we have taken the security aspect very seriously and included a panic button on the app, for both clients and therapists. We are also in the process of creating a rating system, where clients will be able to rate therapists and vice versa. This kind of feedback is essential to the growth of the brand.”

In a strategic move, Bliss has partnered with Dermalogica SA in that Bliss therapists will perform Dermalogica facial treatments. Bliss clients will also be able to purchase Dermalogica products online, using the Bliss code.

Nxumalo noted that Bliss therapists have undergone intensive Dermalogica training on all COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

“To become a registered Bliss therapist, you have to undergo a rigorous application process to verify that you have the appropriate certification,” she explained.

The Bliss Wellness App has been in development for over a year. Said Nxumalo: “We were actually meant to launch in March this year but then the COVID-19 lockdown happened, so we had to postpone the launch. However, we ran our concierge service throughout lockdown and it proved very popular.”

Guests at the launch event on 22 October, which took place at the Hyde Park Boutique Hotel, were treated to a range of Bliss beauty services.

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