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New TikTok beauty filter makes us yearn for our younger selves

TikTok @faithdawsen

Teenage Look is a new beauty filter doing the rounds on TikTok that smooths out our wrinkles and makes us look like we did in our youth.

An article by Jacqui Palumbo on CNN points out that the filter, which has clocked up over 3.4million views, can make users over 40 nostalgic, making them think that they still actually look like they used to. The realisation that they look completely different in real life can be a downer.

Palumbo writes: “Some users have discussed how the filter has kicked up old emotions related to trauma they experienced during those years.”

However, she goes on to say that the teenage look filter has given trans and non-binary individuals the opportunity to see a younger self that matches with their gender identity.

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