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New spa island to open in Maldives

Image sourced from https://www.kagimaldives.com/

Situated in the secluded tip of North Male' Atoll in the Maldives, the Kagi Maldives Spa Island is set to open in July 2020.

Included in the luxury property is the Baani Spa, which is inspired by the ‘Epicurean lifestyle philosophy’ and the Maldivian island spirit.

The spa’s concept of well-being promotes the art of life, defined as living in balance both healthily and joyfully. Its objective is to deliver an authentic outcome and experience focused service menu that is free of pretentiousness and that puts customers’ needs at the absolute forefront.

Kagi’s DNA is described as a philosophy founded on the honest care of genuine hospitality, centred on experiences delivered by experienced islanders who have a passion for sharing their island home, as well as the surrounding nature with visitors.

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