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New nail trend inspired by make-up


Lip gloss nails look set to become a dominant style this year and are already highly visible on social media.

Described as a minimalist style, lip gloss nails, as their name suggests, mimic the sheeny look that gloss gives the lips.

While similar to doughnut nails, the trend popularised by model Hayley Bieber last year, lip gloss nails differ in that they work more with the natural nail as the base, and are thus more sheer.

To create the look, nail techs must first ensure that the natural nails are in good health.

According to Glamourmagazine.co.uk, there are several ways to wear lip gloss nails, such as ‘baby pink, ombre, sparkle, pearlescent, short & sweet, and barely blushing’.

(Sources: Glamourmagazine.co.uk; thesouthafrican.com)

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