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New moves at RefectoCil

Clarissa Vermeer

Clarissa Vermeer has been appointed RefectoCil Brand & Marketing Manager, South Africa.

Say RefectoCil SA dsitributors, Pieter and Sue Vermeer: “Clarissa has been assisting on the sidelines for many years and we are so happy that she has joined our team as the RefectoCil South Africa Brand & Marketing Manager. We are confident that this inclusion will enable us to expand the brand within the market.”

Clarissa Vermeer adds: “Taking the leap from a full-time corporate job to freelancing has been the most rewarding experience. It is a privilege to be able to dedicate renewed time and energy to the RefectoCil South Africa team in the brand & marketing space.

“I am excited to add more value and see how we can expand a classic and well-loved brand that has been a part of my life for so many years.”

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