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New Intense Brow[n]s by RefectoCil™ launches in South Africa

Sponsored story: Welcome to a new era of Brow & Lash styling! The RefectoCil brand is synonymous with professional eyebrow and eyelash tinting products and has been trusted worldwide for over 90 years, in 70+ countries.

The team at RefectoCil are constantly researching and updating their product offering in line with international trends which has led to an impressive, ever-expanding range of products and treatments, including the recently launched Intense Brow[n]s by RefectoCil™.

The new Intense Brow[n]s by RefectoCil™ promises an intensely accentuated brow area, through a semi-permanent and individually adaptable make-up effect, as well as expressive, dramatic eyelashes. Perfect for customers who prefer intense yet natural-looking brows and eyelashes. The new and innovative service, Brow Intensifying by RefectoCil™, achieves this style with an additional and tailor-made skin-staining make-up effect that lasts for up to 10 days.

This new range of intensifying brow & lash tints is patented and created with a very mild formula that is vegan certified, proudly animal anti-cruelty, complying with the highest product and quality standards whilst respecting nature. Making it suitable for clients that are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin.

The new Brow Intensifying by RefectoCil ™ provides three brow intensifying techniques developed to respond to your client’s individual brow needs. Allowing you to expand your service offering whilst giving your clients tailor-made brows and lashes that they have always dreamed of. The Full Brow technique provides an intense look, the Ombré Shading technique gives the eyebrows a natural, feathery look and the Brow Filling technique creates contoured and defined brows.

The newly developed Intensifying Primer is recommended as the pre-treatment for a bolder make-up effect with longer-lasting results that are intense, smudge and waterproof and lasts for up to 6 weeks on the hair. The Medium Primer can be used for a more subtle skin-staining effect and the Strong Primer for an intense finish. The unique 2-step colouring system begins with the application of the Base Gel in one of the four colour tints, followed by the application of the Activator Gel, giving the eyebrows and eyelashes the desired colour depth. The four Base Gel shades are Ash Brown (for light eyelashes and eyebrows), Chocolate Brown (for light eyelashes and naturally brunette eyebrows), Deep Brown (for natural-looking dark eyelashes and dark eyebrows) and Black Brown (for very dark eyelashes and intense eyebrows).

Eyelashes can also be dyed with Intense Brow[n]s by RefectoCil™. No primer is needed for this, as no skin colouration is necessary. Simply start the application with the Base Gel and continue with the Activator Gel. A super-efficient eyelash tinting service!

The new Intense Brow[n]s by RefectoCil™ Professional Kit enables professionals to create customised eyebrows and eyelashes for at least 60 services. Available for professional use only through distributors listed on www.refectocil.co.za or contact us at admin@refectocil.co.za to arrange training for you and your team.

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