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Suggested Hygiene Protocols for salons

Lea Castro demonstrates LCN’s new protocol ideas

In a move to make consumers know that they will be safe once they visit LCN salons post lockdown, Looking Good LCN founder, Lea Castro, has created a video to demonstrate a proposed strict new hygiene protocol.

This protocol, which includes the use of face shields placed over masks for therapists, as well as screens at the nail station that separate therapist from client, can be viewed on YouTube click here.

Says Castro: “I realised that while everyone was anxious to get back to work, their safety in their salons was a massive concern. So, I then got to work on finding solutions to this problem as I realised a face mask did not cover your eyes and would not be sufficient. I found a supplier that made us the face shield. The most important factor was that it would be comfortable enough to wear the whole day.”

Castro feels strongly that salons need to ensure the virus stays outside of the salon, which is why the client needs to be sanitised before even entering your salon and touching your door handle. She has taken this one step further since filming the Hygiene Protocol Video and will be mounting a touchless unit to the wall at the salon entrance, with a sign that says: ‘STOP – Sanitise for your own protection’.

“During this challenging time we need to stand together and help one another,” continues Casto. “The challenge is going to be to ensure that the correct hygiene protocols are adhered to once lockdown ends. All the LCN salons in South Africa will implement the above measures, but who will be the controlling body for the other salons in the country?” concludes Castro.

Please note that at this time we do not know when salons will be allowed to resume treatments and also we do not know exactly what hygiene conditions the government will insist on. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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