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New hybrid injectable said to stimulate collagen production

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

A new treatment launched by Allergan Aesthetics is intended to provide an immediate lifting effect by combining HA (hyaluronic acid) with a sustained lifting effect from CaHA (calcium hydroxyapatite), which is known to help stimulate collagen.

HArmonyCa is Allergan’s first dual-effect product and is formulated for facial soft tissue augmentation via injection into deep dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin.

According to Aesthetic Medicine Magazine, the cross-linked HA gel is mouldable to allow aesthetic practitioners to adjust the implant shape after injecting, while the CaHA microspheres work to support the body’s own collagen production, the loss of which occurs as we age and leads to wrinkle formation.

With HArmonyCa, ‘newly formed collagen fibres may be present as early as one week following treatment,’ says Allergan.

In a recent clinical study, 86% of 85 treated regions among 48 patients showed clinically significant improvement, with over 90% of patients registering an improvement in general appearance of facial areas treated with HArmonyCa. The study also demonstrated that the product has a low risk-benefit profile.

The majority of patients reported high user satisfaction (mean 4.1 out of 5) for overall satisfaction, and likeliness to repeat similar treatment up to 19 months after receiving HArmonyCa.

Says leading UK aesthetics practitioner, Dr Sophie Shotter; “The texture of the skin changes as we age, and laxity or sagging can become a problem. Hyaluronic acid may help by providing an immediate lift, while calcium hydroxyapatite may be used to improve facial skin architecture and is associated with a sustained lifting effect from new collagen production. .

“The combination of HA and CaHA in one treatment is an exciting new option for patients and aesthetic practitioners alike.”

Allergan Aesthetics general manager, Djamshid Ghavami, adds: “The launch of HArmonyCa with Lidocaine represents Allergan Aesthetics’ continued commitment to providing the latest innovations and treatments for patients.” (Source: Aesthetic Medicine Magazine)

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