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New Henkel hair brand goes ‘Authentic’

Marios Atzemoglou demos the ‘Memento Experience’

Inspired by a collective of hairdressers, artisans and people who share the same values, Henkel’s new hair brand, Authentic Beauty Concept, was recently launched to the South African professional market.

Said Michael Dobie, country manager, Henkel Beauty Care: “We wanted to find a range of hair products that fit our beliefs and feel true to us. Something authentic, natural, simple and made with carefully selected ingredients. Everyone had slightly different ideas but the united attitude brought our individual experiences, ideas and beliefs together. Out of this Authentic Beauty Concept was born.”

He emphasised that Authentic Beauty Concept products are free from silicones, sulfates surfactants, parabens, mineral oil and artifical colorant. “Instead, we utilise more powerful vegan ingredients. Our products are carefully selected and combined, what we leave out is just as important as what we put in. The brand is positioned as a high performance, vegan, cruelty-free range. We are extremely aware of our eco footprint so all bottles and jars are fully recyclable.”

As part of its mission to be transparent in terms of sourcing ingredients, Authentic Beauty Concept supports the Sustainable Guar Initiative, a long-term programme that promotes better ways to cultivate crops, as well as help train and educate farmers, enabling them to have a better life. The brand uses a very mild method of extracting the true essence of natural ingredients to preserve their benefits.

Dobie went on to explain that part of the Authentic Beauty Concept is to promote a mindfulness experience for clients, hence the ‘Memento Experience’, where the client is fully reclined during a hair mask treatment, listening to soothing music through blue tooth headphones, and with an eye mask and scented candles.

Authentic Beauty Concept brand advocates include Gary Rom of Gary Rom Hairdressing and Marios Atzemoglou of Marios Company Hair in Cape Town. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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