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New anti-wrinkle toxin approved by FDA

11 February 2019

A new botulinum toxin used for anti-wrinkle treatments has been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) of America, according to an article in The Hustle.

The new product is manufactured by Evolus and will be in direct competition with Allergan’s version of botulinum toxin, which to date has captured 70% of the US market. (Professional Beauty readers should note that, as per regulations published by the Medicines Control Council in South Africa’s Government Gazette of December 2016, the actual brand names of botulinum toxin products cannot be mentioned or advertised.)

According to the report in The Hustle, Allergan, which won FDA approval for its botulinum toxin product in 1989 and trademarked (rather than patented) its recipe, has asked the International Trade Commission to investigate the Evolus recipe. Trademarking gives Allergan control over its secret recipe indefinitely, but the recipe isn’t protected like a patent.  Evolus claims it has replicated and not stolen the recipe. Allergan reportedly thinks otherwise.

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