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Nail service longevity vs ‘recommended wear time’

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Attempting to get your client’s nail enhancements or coatings to last for 4+ weeks or longer may seem like a huge achievement, but in actual fact it’s just a problem waiting to happen.

Says industry professional and educator, Sonette van Rensburg: “There is an important reason why manufacturers will always advise you of the maximum time that a particular service with their product will last for until it needs to be removed or maintained, and this should not be misinterpreted. For instance, if a service is said to last up to 7 days, then it means that the maximum wear time is 7 days. When it says up to 3+ weeks, then that means 3 weeks and possibly one to two additional days. Note the use of the words ‘up to’, meaning that the maximum given time it is expected to last in best-case scenarios. However, this could be less depending on certain factors such as a client’s health, nail condition, lifestyle, service choice, product application and aftercare. These are all things that could influence how well your client’s services will last.

“Who knows what could be going on under a nail coating or enhancement if they’re not removed or maintained when they’re meant to be? There could be a number of potential complications which you may not be aware of such as lifting, bacterial or fungal infections, and cracks. These are all issues that aren’t always visible, particularly under a colour or opaque nail coating. Artificial nail coating and enhancement products are all formulated to be rebalanced or removed within a certain time and it’s professional practice to do so.”

To read more of what Van Rensburg has to say on this all-important topic, click here

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