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Move to regulate ‘natural cosmetics’

While international organisations that officially certify ‘organic cosmetics’ have been around for quite some time, no legal definition currently exists for the terms ‘natural’ and ‘naturally-derived’ ingredients for cosmetics.

This may soon change in the US at least, with the introduction of the proposed Natural Cosmetics Act. According to Premium Beauty News, the Act aims to set a legal definition of the terms ‘natural’ and ‘naturally-derived ingredient’ as they relate to personal care products.

The bill, which has been endorsed by clean beauty brand Beautycounter, was introduced in Washington earlier this month by Representative Sean Patrick Maloney. He revealed that the bill requires cosmetic products sold, labeled, or represented as ‘natural’ to contain at least 70% natural substances, excluding water. The bill would also require suppliers to conduct Carbon-14 testing which they must submit to manufacturers and would give the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) authority to issue a cease distribution order, public notice on the FDA website, and voluntary recall authority of any product deemed misbranded under this act.

As Premium Beauty News points out, currently the FDA does not consider it misbranding for companies to label products as ‘natural’, even if they contain harmful chemicals.

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