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Making it easier for your clients to do business with you

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By using the latest technology available you can make it easy for clients to book treatments or make enquiries about your services.

The first step is to ensure that your business is always reachable. Whether you prefer to answer the phone yourself, or set up a virtual assistant or chatbot, it’s important that customers have someone they can contact at any time of day and receive prompt assistance.

So says spa consultant Marisa Dimitriadis in the March 2023 issue of Professional Beauty magazine. She continues: “Doing the above not only provides a good customer service experience but also helps to build trust between your company and its clients.

“Additionally, if you do opt for a virtual assistant, consider implementing voice recognition technology – this will make it even easier for customers to ask questions and receive answers quickly and efficiently.”

Dimitriadis goes on to explain how to use Google Business, SEO and social media to make your business more accessible to existing and new clients. Read the article on pages 16 and 17. Click here

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