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Majority of women unsure of beauty terminology, says poll

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In a recent poll of 2,000 women, 72% of respondents revealed that they don’t really understand the scientific terminology used in the beauty industry.

Conducted by beauty, skin, hair and nail supplement, Vitabiotics Perfectil, the poll also found that seven in 10 of the women say they are regularly drawn in by these beauty terms, despite not understanding them.

Kezia Parkins of Professional Beauty reports: “The most baffling beauty terms to the respondents are ‘Coenzyme’ (68%), ‘microneedling’ (48%), and ‘free-radical’. Forty-three-percent are unaware that the latter is a molecule in the environment that can cause damage to the skin.

“Two in five women (41%) are unsure about what hyaluronic acid really does, while one in three said the same of micellar water.

“Less than 62% knew that selenium is used to support healthy hair and nails – with wrong answers for its uses including something that removes nail polish, a serum to support flyaway hairs, or a liquid to pump up the lips.

“Meanwhile, 42% didn't know what a peptide is – with many instead believing it’s an underwater current – rather than a string of amino acids which can help to make proteins.”

The poll ascertained that 69% have bought a health or beauty product without fully understanding the words on the label – with half of those chalking this up to trust in the brand.

When it comes to choosing which beauty products to buy, 46% rely on good reviews, while one in five rely on friend recommendations – and 13% have been persuaded by a beauty influencer.

Regardless of the confusion that buzzwords in the beauty industry cause, 26% of women believe the use of buzzwords is important, to show how the beauty industry is constantly growing in scientific development. Source: https://professionalbeauty.co.uk/site/newsdetails/beauty-industry-buzzwords

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