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Lycon Cosmetics founder visits SA

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Lizel Harris and Lydia Jordane

The founder of Australian company Lycon Cosmetics, Lydia Jordane, visited South Africa recently to connect with local distributor i-Spa and with stockists.

Widely known for its waxing products, Lycon was absent from the South African market for some years before i-Spa’s Lizel Harris secured distribution in January last year.

Jordane, who is the CEO of Lycon as well as founder of the brand, met with several South African salon owners and therapists during her visit for brand awareness and training purposes.

In an exclusive interview with Professional Beauty, Jordane talked about the family origins of the Lycon business and about how her father had been involved in small scale cosmetics manufacturing in the former Yugoslavia, which became Macedonia following the conflict.

Once the family emmigrated to Australia, Jordane, who had never thought of hair removal before, became aware of her ‘hairy legs’ at school, when she heard about her classmates talking about shaving their legs.

Jordane continued: “This was not something that was done in Eastern Europe at the time, and was a bit of a cultural taboo. However, it made me start thinking about hair removal and after reading a magazine article about different methods of removing hair, I found an obscure reference book in the library on waxing, which had a basic recipe. I went home and started making my own waxes.”

Lycon waxes are now used in over 90 countries around the world.

“It’s always wonderful for me when users reinforce what I think are great USPs of my brand. The obvious one is the scent of the waxes – everyone comments on how nice it is. Some waxes in the market have quite a toxic smell as they include ingredients that are found in paint,” concluded Jordane. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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