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Looking Good LCN launches Aesthetic Beauty Spa

25 March 2019

Founded by Looking Good LCN’s Lea Castro, the LCN Aesthetic Beauty Spa opened in Pretoria East on 16 March.

The event was attended by beauty business owners, Pretoria based beauty bloggers, make-up enthusiasts and potential LCN customers.

Says Castro: “The LCN beauty brand has grown from strength to strength in the South African beauty industry over the last 17 years and has expanded to include advanced artificial nails as well as natural nail, hand, foot, make-up, eyelash extensions, micro-blading, facial, body and spa products.

“Looking Good LCN decided to open the LCN Aesthetic Beauty Spa to enhance the brand and create an environment to equip students with business skills. I believe that it is certain that the LCN beauty brand will continue to stand the test of time for years to come. 

“Our main focus is to provide excellent service to our customers and set a higher standard in the beauty industry. In 2019 our goal is to empower women to become the best they can be in their skill. The LCN Aesthetic Beauty Spa will provide the skill and experiences necessary to succeed in this dynamic beauty industry.” 

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