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Lockdown – a therapist’s perspective

A therapist, who wishes to remain anonymous, reached out to Professional Beauty to share her story of how the COVID-19 lockdown has affected her.

She writes: “I'm a skincare therapist working for one of the leading brands in Mzansi. The lockdown come unexpectedly for almost everyone. When the pandemic started spreading, we all panicked but at the same time continued serving our clients with pride.

“As one of the brands that practiced hygiene to the fullest even before the coronavirus, we did our level best to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. By so doing, our clients continued to trust us even though they were concerned, worried and even scared.

“The reality began to kick in when our clients started not showing up for appointments. They cancelled their appointments in droves. In fact, each time the phone range, we knew it was a cancellation. Going to work and only doing a single treatment a day, or even no treatments at all, is a very unusual thing for us.

“We, as service providers, started panicking as well, especially with regards to how we were going to survive since there wasn't any business. As commission earners, this became our biggest concern. All praise to the Most High – our leaders managed to pay us our full commission.

“One of the biggest challenges at the moment is not being able to draw a salary and going back to being commission earners again. This is really going to put a strain on us as parents. Our children don't know anything about the current situation, to them everything is normal but we still have to provide for them.

“Overall, as hard as this lockdown is for us, it is also hard for our employers. We witnessed how this pandemic has affected their business. They have tried their level best to gather all the information on how they will claim from the government on our behalf, so that we can feed our families. It will not be the same, but it’s better than nothing. I appreciate their efforts and the fact that we still communicate on our work group. They keep us informed on what is happening. It is a privilege because some of our friends have told us they haven't heard anything from their bosses since the last day of lockdown.

“So many ladies are desperate in their homes during this devastating period. But I believe we will bounce back after the lockdown ends.”

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