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Latest in aromatherapy science

Photo by Mareef from Pexels

Clinical trials of essential oils have taken place globally, revealing their positive therapeutic properties.

“The more we research, the more we discover the wealth of untapped plant compounds that are found in nature for us to use,” says expert formulator and aromacologist Kim Lahiri. She continues: “Clients will benefit immensely from these raw materials being included in treatment protocols for use in spa and at home.

“Those of us in the position of formulating with nature’s riches are reminded that these sources must be respected and nurtured, not over-harvested and depleted. We must remember to replenish these plants in order to benefit from them for future generations.”

Lahiri notes that terpenes are the largest group of aromatic chemical constituents found in essential oils. “They have medicinal properties varying from anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, analgesic, antispasmodic, astringent and diuretic qualities. Terpenes are widely recognised as valuable potential natural plant remedies and have been used in traditional medicines for many years,” she explains.

To read what else Lahiri reveals about the science behind aromatherapy, go to page 20 of the October issue of the Professional Beauty magazine. Click here

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