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Just under ¾ of adults suffer from skin sensitivity, finds study

Photo by Ana Francisconi from Pexels

A new study by Aveeno reveals that 71% of adults have sensitive skin, with the number of people claiming to have sensitive skin having increased by 55% over the past 20 years.

Additional findings show that sensitive skin is equally common across all ethnicities and that women are more likely to report sensitive skin than men.

The Aveeno study continues: “Younger age groups report higher rates of sensitive skin. More of Fitzpatrick phototypes I & III report having sensitive skin than having non-sensitive skin and phototypes IV, V, and VI more frequently identify as having non-sensitive skin. Current smokers more frequently identify as having sensitive skin, whereas more non-smokers report having non-sensitive skin.

“Having pre-existing skin conditions is more likely to also lead to self-reported skin sensitivity. Environmental factors are reported to affect sensitive skin more frequently than the use of products. Though only 50% of sensitive skin subjects say they encounter discomfort when using a new cosmetic product, 78% of them avoid certain kinds of cosmetics.”

Photo by Gabriella Ally from Pexels

The study points out that a third of all dermatology patients have emotional disorders, while 90% of rosacea patients say their condition lowers their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Half of adults with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis say that it significantly limits their lifestyle. Acne patients have a 63% increased risk of developing depression.

“For those suffering from chronic skin conditions, a daily skincare routine may be essential to restoring moisture to help repair, protect and maintain a healthy skin moisture barrier and improve quality of life,” states the study.

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