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Juanita Bester wins ‘Roaring 20s’ nail competition

Updated: May 27, 2020

1st place nails

NailFile received a flurry of fabulous entries for its first Nail Design Challenge of the year, themed ‘Roaring 20s’, and after an intense judging session, Juanita Bester’s set was proclaimed the winner.

Chantelle Ayres came second, with Annelize van Tonder in third place.

Bester’s set of nails completely captured the 1920s era in terms of its fashions and colours. Says competition judge, Sonette van Rensburg: “Juanita’s two characters – the lady with the short, dark bob and the gent with the Errol Flynn moustache – are both very typical of the Gatsby era and complement each other perfectly. The character in their faces really stands out in the way they have been illustrated. Other nails that totally exude the 1920s style are the spats shoe, which displays perfect technical quality and colour, while the shirt with the bowtie radiates a charming antique quality.

“Juanita created an outstanding presentation that included a complete storyboard detailing exactly how each of the nail designs were inspired. Her nail work was exceptionally neat.”

Van Rensburg describes Chantelle Ayres’ second placed set as incredibly delicate and intricate. “This set was different in the totally feminine way in which the theme was depicted. Chantelle’s lovely and elaborate designs were complemented by the use of jewels to add the glitz and glamour of the 1920s era. Her nail enhancements were beautifully done and her step by step, superb.”

2nd Place Nails

In third place, Annelize van Tonder’s depiction of the theme, technical quality of work and use of different techniques were judged to be excellent.

“Annelize really used colour well and did a wonderful step by step that showed details of the inspiration and trends of the 1920s,” concludes Van Rensburg.

3rd Place Nails

The NailFile ‘Roaring 20s’ Nail Design Challenge was sponsored by Bio Sculpture.

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