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Is lockdown making women more confident about their skin?

Professional Beauty UK reports that research from Skin Proud has found that since the COVID-19 lockdown, many more women feel more comfortable and confident going make-up free on work and social calls.

Eleanor Vousden writes: “According to Skin Proud’s research, 81% of women said they wear make-up four days a week a week on average, and of those make-up wearers, almost a third (32%) would confidently share a bare-faced photo.

“However, during the current coronavirus lockdown period, 69% have been wearing less make-up than usual. In fact, more than half have gone to the supermarket make-up free and 28% have done a video call with a friend with no make-up, and a sixth have been on a video call with colleagues with a bare-face.

“In the survey, 73% of women feel said that they felt comfortable in their skin and as a result of the lockdown, more than a quarter of adults have felt comfortable looking natural while on video calls and are embracing their blemishes. Meanwhile, over a third (34%) are taking more care of their skin than usual.”

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