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International first for South African spa

In a world first, the Saxon Spa in Johannesburg has created a new Molton Brown Signature Journey.

Says Saxon Spa manager, Tanya Lopes: “It is a great honour to be given the privilege of designing a treatment for such a prestigious brand as Molton Brown. We’ve been partners with them for over nine years and have built up a good relationship with Molton Brown International.

“As the brand’s signature Orange and Bergamot Range has always been a favourite amenity in the Saxon Hotel, I proposed the possibility of developing a treatment that could highlight the range within the spa journey. On my recent trip to London, I pitched the treatment to Molton Brown headquarters and they approved it and gave us the go-ahead.”

Lopes notes that this is the first time that Molton Brown will be used in treatment as up to now the brand has been used in the spa and hotel as an amenity, as well as a retail range.

The Molton Brown Signature Journey is described as a highly therapeutic treatment that offers the ultimate bodily and mental rejuvenation, with a healing combination of exfoliation, steam and massage techniques that boost circulation, detoxification, skin renewal and overall relaxation.

It was developed by Lopes together with assistant spa manager, Danielle Hoffman-Snell, and three head therapists.

Lopes continues: “The development took approximately six months to finalise before we were all happy with the standard. It is key to any treatment development that we all trial it personally in order to ensure that it achieves the desired effect and follows the vision we set out for the treatment.

“In terms of the inspiration behind the treatment, we used as our starting point the fact that Molton Brown prides itself on the sensory experience it delivers to guests. As this was to be a full body journey, we thought the best room to showcase the treatment would be the Hammam. The heat of the slab and the steam really heighten the beautiful orange and bergamot fragrances, showcasing the range beautifully.

“Our therapists played a huge part in the development process by encompassing their years of expertise to develop a treatment that we would be proud to present to Molton Brown International.”

Because crystal healing has formed a big part of the Saxon Spa’s treatment processes, Lopes and her team wanted to incorporate this into the signature treatment development.

“We specifically chose two stones that we thought were suited to both the Molton Brown range and the treatment, namely Brown Jasper and Carnelian. Brown Jasper is known for its connection to the earth and promotes stability and balance. In addition, it relieves environmental stress and facilitates deep meditation, while the Carnelian is known to increase energy levels, personal power, creativity and compassion.”

(Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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