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Inoar SA celebrates 10 years

The Inoar SA team (Hendrien Kruger second from left)

To mark a decade of distribution in the South African market, Brazilian professional hair care brand, Inoar, has launched a spate of new products, including the Afro Keratin Treatment.

Says Inoar SA CEO and owner, Hendrien Kruger: “A major global trend is brand storytelling, which sees brands revealing what they stand for and what they use in their products.

"Inoar founder, Inocência Manoel, had always struggled with her dense, coarse frizzy hair so she started developing a Brazilian straightening treatment by experimenting on scraps of hair that she picked up off the floor at the hair salon that she worked in while at school. She started her brand with a single product and now has over 90 in her portfolio. At the heart of Inoar products is argan oil. Not all oils and keratins are created equal and Inoar spends a huge amount of money sourcing the most pure ingredients.

“A brand new Inoar release is the Afro Keratin Treatment, which has a relaxing effect on African hair and washes out, as opposed to grows out. It is a 100% organic treatment that contains coconut oi and olive oil. There are no chemicals at all in this treatment and it actually repairs damage caused by chemical relaxers. This is a progressive treatment that can be repeated every two months.”

Also new to the South African market is Inoar Sensitine – all-in-one treatment, shampoo and conditioner for sensitive hair and scalps, as well as hair loss, which can be used on all types of hairs, including extensions and weaves.

There is also the Inoar Virgin Coconut Oil treatment, as well as the new 2-in-1 Showergel and Shampoo, which is botanical, vegan and both sulfate and silicon free.

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