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Industry shifts from cure to prevention

The post pandemic consumer is now focused on what they can to do to prevent skin conditions from developing rather than curing them after.

Prevention of wrinkles is top of mind today for people as young as 20 and they are focused more than ever on preventing wrinkles from setting in, rather than trying to find a way to soften them or get rid of them.

Similarly, the prevention of acne/ breakouts is huge in the teen space. Teens are looking for ways to prevent any spots from forming the second they see one pimple, or an oily patch on their skin. They are on the hunt for skincare treatments and products to prevent acne rather than trying to get rid of breakouts.

So says spa consultant Marisa Dimitriadis, who describes this big shift in the industry as, ‘The Great Movement’. In the October 2022 issue of the Professional Beauty magazine she writes: “Massive in the ‘Great Movement’ is the prevention of cellulite. Women from as young as 15 are concerned about cellulite, so you, as a salon owner, have a captive market from the ages of 15 to 60 to serve here.

“This new movement translates into a huge opportunity for the industry but you need to act quickly, implement a strategy and train your staff on how to meet the needs of the prevention movement.”

To find out what steps to implement in your salon to meet the needs of ‘The Great Movement’, go to pages 16 and 17 of the magazine. Click here

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