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Imbalie Beauty launches CSD to create income opportunities

Placecol founder Elma McKenzie and Esna Colyn

The Imbalie Beauty Group has launched a Customer Services Division (CSD) to target new customers and stimulate growth for its salons.

“Our new CSD will reach those people who do not yet visit our Placecol Skin Care Clinics, Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studios and Dream Nails Beauty salons, or who are currently not inclined to visit a salon due to COVID-19 related reasons, but need the unique beauty and wellness solutions that our premium salon products offer,” explains Imbalie Beauty CEO, Esna Colyn.

The CSD will bring premium, salon quality products to customers in the comfort of their own homes.

She continues: “CSD customers will also be referred to our salons for treatments and services. We are encouraging our franchise partners to start Growth Teams as part of their business. This would be a group of women who we empower and who work in the community around the salon on the CS basis. Because they are affiliated to and managed by the franchisee, the commission earned from the sales of this group creates an extra revenue stream, plus referrals for the salon.”

Colyn notes that the poor economic conditions brought on by the effect of COVID-19 and severe landlord issues has caused some Imablie franchisees to close their doors. “It is Imbalie’s sincerest desire to keep the franchisees who are affected in this way as part of our group and our family. The CSD offers an ideal opportunity for an affected franchisee to start a small CSD practice, plus build a group of her own. In this way she will be able to empower other women, earn an income and remain part of Imbalie.

“After seeing the detrimental effects of COVID-19 for so many, we recognised that it was essential for the group to find a way of creating new income opportunities and therefore assist in stimulating our South African economy.

“We also had to acknowledge that the market place has changed drastically and that it was our group’s responsibility to find new ways to enable customers to easily connect and do business with us. This is our way of making a positive change in the world through improvement and empowerment, as well as increasing the esteem of all.”

The launch of the CSD is regarded as a momentous occasion for the Imbalie Beauty Group, as this is also the same year in which Placecol, its much-loved, trusted and award-winning South African skincare brand, turns 40.

Says Elize van Geert, newly appointed head of the CSD: “So many lives have been affected by COVID-19, but despite this, our head office team decided to give birth to this new division, coupled with a new magazine called iBLOOM. The name was chosen to acknowledge the uniqueness of each and every South African and the personal responsibility that we have to take care of our health and well-being to enable us to bloom and achieve our purpose and destiny. “It also symbolises growth, abundance, joy and positivity, perfect for a Spring launch, which naturally is a time of love, hope, growth and new beginnings.”

Imbalie Beauty believes the new CSD initiative is fresh, transparent and very different from any other offering in the market place, in that the focus is on empowering teams, through ongoing education, to offer very unique beauty and wellness solutions to their customers. Specific education and training programmes must be completed as a pre-requisite for anyone to either lead or become a team member within this new division.

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