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How to prep your salon for the winter slump

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Creating winter-only treatments and packages will help your salon to weather the winter months, traditionally regarded as a slow period for the beauty industry.

In the April 2023 issue of Professional Beauty, business consultant Helena Van Der Vyver suggests that salon owners transform their mindset. She says: “Change the lens through which you approach your beauty business’s winter season. Expect abundance and massive growth compared to the previous year. Let winter become an equal peak period of income as the summer months in your business long term. This will relieve your annual cash flow as well.”

She notes that winter is also the best and safest time to run skin programmes that treat skin pigmentation. In autumn, salon owners should also focus on marketing laser treatments more so as to have their best sales in winter.

To access more of Van Der Vyver’s advice on how to gear your salon up for the winter months, go to pages 14-16 of the magazine. Click here

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