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How to generate social media leads for your beauty training courses

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

When using social media as a marketing tool, it’s important to create a plan so you know in advance where the end content will be distributed.

So says social media and beauty training expert, Hayley Harvey-Smith, who points out that if using video, you need to ensure it is filmed in the correct format and dimensions for the social platform you’re sharing it to.

She continues: “Using apps such as Canva and Splice is a great way to add effects and designs around your content, and using text and animation lets you add more content and information while making the post more visually appealing.

“When selecting imagery, it’s great to show potential students taking part in your training programme the environment so they can visualise themselves in your session. Make sure to use images of students who reflect and represent your target audience.”

Harvey-Smith advises that if you are marketing a course, be specific about what the offering is and what is included in the cost – for example, certificates, accreditation, products, equipment and literature.

“Identify which social media platforms are best for your target audience. For example, if you are using Facebook, paid ads and boosted posts can generate more bookings and lead to more course interest. We have found that we got the best traction when using multiple advertising mediums, combining social with other media such as radio and outdoor. While this option always comes at a higher price point, the risks can lead to bigger gains.

“If you create an effective ad that generated great engagement, there’s nothing wrong with reusing it – there’s no need to constantly produce new content if you have something successful. All it takes is one amazing ad to completely transform your business, if you target it correctly.”

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