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How to de-pollute the skin’s ecosystem

Just as the pollution of the environment has had devastating consequences for ecosystems around the world, cheap synthetic chemicals in modern skincare regimes upset the balance of the skin’s natural microbiome.

This is the view of Trevor Steyn, founder of probiotic and certified organic skincare brand, Esse, who describes the skin as a finely-tuned ecosystem of microbes and human cells that evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

“Rather than healing the skin, the increased use of chemical-based product has polluted its ecosystem, leading to a rise in sensitivity and inflammatory skin conditions,” states Steyn. “We’re living in an age where dirt has been demonised by an industry that promotes sterile as healthy. This encourages increased product use, deep-cleansing routines and the stripping of natural oils. It’s time to end the war on germs. Half of the cells in your body are ‘germs’ and you need them for optimal health.”

He points out that microbiome research has shown us that this move to a sterilised, chemical-reliant state has had devastating impacts on the skin. “It’s time for a different approach. By seeding the skin with probiotics and feeding its ecology with prebiotic nutrients, Esse guides the microbiome back to a natural, healthy balance – this is the rewilding process.”

The brand is launching the Esse #30dayrewild challenge, running from February to April 2022, which seeks to return skin to its roots, providing it with the natural support it needs to rehabilitate its own microbiome.

Says Steyn: “The rewilding movement is more than just a focus on skin health, it represents a lifestyle change that values the importance of healthy, natural ecosystems. Being in contact with natural environments is greatly beneficial for both physical and mental health.”

For the best results, Esse encourages participants of the #30dayrewild challenge to consider a few simple changes which offer long-term benefits. Examples include eating whole, organic foods; getting regular exercise; and getting out into nature wherever possible. It can even be as simple as buying an indoor plant.

Esse has launched the limited-edition Esse Sensitive Skin #30dayrewild Pack, consisting of Sensitive Cleanser 50 ml, Sensitive Toner 50 ml, Nourish Moisturiser 30 ml, Protect Oil 12 ml, and Resurrect Serum 12 ml.

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