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How tech is impacting beauty marketing

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

Beauty brands should use the latest technology for marketing and pivot online while maintaining a humanistic and relatable approach.

This is according to new research published by Mintel, which suggests that the partnering of beauty and video games stands out to consumers as an opportunity for escapism.

States the report: “This empower consumers to tap into their creative side and play with beauty products virtually, which may translate to real-life experimentation. To engage consumers virtually outside of social media, several beauty brands have already ventured into the gaming space. For example, brands such as Tatcha and Givenchy Beauty have partnered with ‘Animal Crossing’, a popular video game on Nintendo Switch.

“The fusion of video games and beauty offer opportunities for gamers to explore their creative side, and evokes the narrative that beauty is not only fun but also a form of self-expression. Therefore, when beauty brands partner with video games, the objective is less about being ‘realistic’, and more about escapism and artistry.”

Mintel further suggests that adults who follow beauty influencers want to see more realistic and relatable portrayals of beauty, challenging the notion that robots or artificial influencers will replace people when it comes to marketing beauty products.

“In an ever-changing world, links between the digital and real worlds, eccentricity and naturality, self-identity and others, are countless. The future of beauty is shaped by the consumers themselves and by the increase of digital experiences that are more authentic and community focused. In this context, it is necessary to reconsider customer experience to produce engagement and bring together communities around shared values. These evolutions leave room for creative evolutions for both brands and consumers,” states the report.

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