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Hotel groups join global fight against plastic waste

Following the InterContinental Hotels Group’s recent commitment to remove miniature toiletries in small plastic bottles from all its rooms by 2021, Marriott International will now switch from single use toiletries to refillable, larger bottles with a convenient pump design.

Marriott, the world’s biggest hotel conglomerate, aims to fully implement this policy in most of its properties by December 2020. Single use toiletries include bath gels, shampoos and conditioners.

The move will prevent the use of about 500 million tiny bottles annually (about 850 tons of plastic) – equating to approximately a 30% annual reduction in their current amenity plastic waste. Already, more than 20% of Marriott International’s properties have made the switch.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has followed suit by announcing similar initiatives to reduce plastic waste. Furthermore, in an attempt to avoid single-use water bottles, Hyatt guests are being offered reusable glass bottles and in-room filtered water spouts. (Source: Professional Beauty GCC)

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