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Hot skincare ingredients to look out for this year

Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

Bakuchiol, wildflower anchusa azurea and grapes are three skincare ingredients likely to be prominent in beauty this year.

This is according to analyst Wunderman Thompson Intelligence’s ‘The Future 100: 2021 Report’, which delivers a snapshot into the new movements that small businesses and brands need to pay attention to.

Bakuchiol is a vegan alternative to retinol and is an increasingly popular choice for those with sensitive skin, while wildflower anchusa azurea is full of antioxidants. Grapes, already found in certain South African skincare brands, contain some of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.

Amanda Pauley of Professional Beauty UK has unpacked the other beauty trends predicted by the Wunderman report as follows.

1. Unbound beauty

A year of make-up restraint will unleash a burst of imaginative creativity ‘as experimental beauty takes over social media, inspiring beauty brands to add versatility to their offerings’.

2. Foraged ingredients

An appetite for foraged ingredients is seeing beauty brands bottling hardy and powerful plants to deliver potent results for skincare enthusiasts, ‘while reminding consumers that nature knows best’.

3. Science-backed brands

Demand for science-backed beauty will be on the rise this year as a heightened focus on health changes consumers’ priorities.

4. Intersectional beauty

Wunderman states: ‘Politicised consumers and the intersectional feminism movement are highlighting underrepresentation and calling beauty brands, retailers and publishers out publicly, urging them to address intersectionality to remain relevant’.

5. Healthcare as self-care

Because self-care is being redefined this year as a result of COVID-19 protection and sanitisation, there is likely to be more of a crossover between the beauty, wellness and medical categories.

6. Skinfluencers

Interest in skincare products is soaring, partially driven by the recommendations and tutorials of fresh-faced skinfluencers on social media platforms.

7. Brazen brows

The compulsory wearing of COVID-19 face masks has seen make-up artists and beauty influencers focusing on the eyes, with brows becoming the new lips. Statement brows are all the rage.

8. Waste-free beauty

The waste-free movement is extending beyond packaging into product formulations as sustainability remains an important issue for beauty consumers.

To read Wunderman Thompson Intelligence’s ‘The Future 100: 2021 Report’ click here

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