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Hirsutism fuels growth in machine-based hair removal market

Hair removal equipment, such as laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) devices, represent the fastest growing segment in the hirsutism market, according to a new research from ReportBuyer.

Hirsutism is defined as the condition where there is excessive hair growth in the unwanted regions, including unwanted male pattern hair growth on a woman's face, chest or back.

ReportBuyer notes that globally, while several hair removal products are available that can be both gender-specific and body area-specific, most of these products are essentially cosmetic products and used only to remove hair temporarily.

“Cosmetic and psychological problems associated with unwanted hair is the major factor driving the hirsutism market,” states the report. “Global beauty standards and aesthetic expectations in various cultures do not approve of body hair. Facial hair is considered as undesirable for women worldwide. Consequently, the cases of hirsutism put extra psychological pressure on the patients to comply with normative beauty and aesthetic standards. This insecurity is fueling the trend in laser hair removal among the patients.

“Laser hair removal in hirsutism management requires multiple treatment sessions, as the hair can only be removed in the growth phase, known as anagen. Moreover, the alternative methods of hirsutism management, such as topical creams (including the recently approved eflornithine creams) and plucking, are relatively not as effective as laser hair removal. Consequently, the popularity of laser hair removal is increasing, owing to its better efficacy, as compared to other methods of hirsutism management,” states the report.

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