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GWI launches Yoga Therapy Initiative

Photo by Cedric Lim from Pexels

The Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI’s) new initiative on yoga therapy aims to educate the global community about the ancient, evolving and multidimensional science of yoga therapy as a legitimate, evidence-backed and accessible health modality for the 21st century.

This initiative wants to correct the idea that yoga just an exercise programme or ‘alternative’ medicine.

The GWI Yoga Therapy Initiative comes at a time when South African spas are increasingly adding a yoga element to their offering.

States the GWI: “The Yoga Therapy Initiative will clarify the difference between yoga as it is understood in modern society and the application of yoga therapy as a sophisticated healing and wellness modality that can help restore health for the lifestyle-related conditions of our modern age and alleviate the unprecedented imbalance in the social causes of health that have an impact across generations.

“Our mission is to spread awareness by educating the global community – regardless of age, gender, culture or socioeconomic status – about the wealth of evidence-based research, recent innovations, publications, programmes and industry leaders in the global field of yoga therapy.

“As one of the world’s earliest systems of holistic health and self-care, yoga therapy is a low-tech, easily accessible, evidence-based system of healthcare that can be used and applied to a full spectrum of conditions, from chronic disease and mental health to ageing and personal growth.”

The Yoga Therapy Initiative chair is Bija Bennett, wellness consultant, author and founder of YogaAway LLC.

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